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Ghyll Scrambling Wetsuit Info Sheet

If you have booked a Ghyll Scrambling session please send us your wetsuit sizes using the downloadable form below: 

We provide all specialist safety equipment. 

We have full length winter thickness wetsuits and neoprene socks (to go inside shoes) to keep you snug. Your comfort is important to us, we will bring a few different wetsuits for each person to make sure they get one that fits well.


Please give us an approximate t-shirt/clothes size and height, weight and sock size for each person in your party.

For children please give age and approximate height and do let us know if they are unusually big or small for their age.

Ghyll Scrambling  activity in Coniston, Lake District

We pride ourselves on quality equipment.

Our wetsuits are in top condition, always dry, warm and well fitted. We wash and dry each suit after use in a special wetsuit disinfectant to ensure it is hygienic and clean. 

Ghyll Scrambling trip in Stickle Ghyll, Langdale

Winter Ghyll Scrambling

We recommend you bring along an extra layer for either over your suit such as a fleece or a thermal underlayer plus a hat (no bobble) for under the helmet. In addition we kit you out with a wind proof layer and thick gloves so you stay toasty warm. We use selective Ghylls in winter that are appropriate for both comfort and safety in the naturally higher water levels.

What to bring

  • A pair of sturdy trainers or walking boots to go into the ghyll with. These need to be able to lace up tight so that they stay on in the moving water. Please note: crocs, lightweight water shoes or sandals are not appropriate as they will come off in the moving water and do not provide adequate protection from the rocks.

  • Arrive in your swimming costume or a pair of shorts to go under the wetsuit.

  • ESSENTIAL -  Lightweight Jogging bottoms or leggings to go over the wetsuit (to protect the legs of the suit)

  • Snacks and drink for afterwards if you wish

  • Towel. 

  • Parking Money

  • Medication

What to expect

You will change into the wetsuits in or near your vehicle at the meeting venue and walk to the Ghyll from there. Most of our scrambles are a short distance from the car park with the exception of the Esk Gorge in which you will carry your wetsuit and your kit for the day in with you as it is a 45 minute walk to this venue. Most of the venues are a car park where there are no changing facilities so please bring along a towel for modesty.

For half day Ghyll Scrambles your instructor will carry a safety bag and any medication you need in a waterproof bag. All other items will be left in your vehicle. We have a good waterproof camera which we can take photos on if you would like so you can be hands free and not damage your own phone. These photos will be available to you free of charge after the session. If the scramble is a longer one where you'll require provisions we will provide an extra bag for items.


For full details on each venue and the facilities nearby full directions visit our Kit Lists and Directions page.

If you have any questions we are available to chat you either via email or phone.

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