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Ghyll Scrambling & Gorge Walking

Lake District

Ghyll Scrambling/Gorge Walking in the Lake District- Book the ultimate adventure activity now!

If you are looking for thrills and spills then this is the experience for you: Ghyll scrambling - also known as Canyoning or Gorge Walking. You will be guided through a rocky mountain river, swimming in bubbling pools, scrambling up rocky climbs, jumping into deep clear pools and walking through flowing rapids.

How to Book:

You can book our activities online here.


If you are looking for alternative dates/times, cannot find your chosen activity or have children below the stated age please do contact us to arrange your activity - we will do our best to accommodate you. For some of our more bespoke activities please contact us.

Please note: All under 18's must be accompanied by an adult.



Half-Day Ghyll Scramble - £49pp* / Full Day (Esk Gorge) - £79pp

Discount available for large groups.

*For Church beck - add Landowners fee of £6 pp.

Stickle Ghyll 


Fantastic climbs & stunning views.

Located in Langdale with magnificent mountain views throughout. Classic Ghyll Scrambling with a bit of everything. Lots of rock scrambles and waterfalls, a jump, plunge pools and a few optional roped climbs, finishing with a big waterfall climb at the end. Less aquatic after long periods of dry weather but still great fun.


The scramble can be extended to an upper section (for an extra cost) you'll then walk the remaining distance to swim in a tarn situated near the top of the mountain. Book this as an 'Extended Ghyll'. Please contact us. (Age 14+)

Suitable for: All ages and abilities. 

Fitness Level: Moderate 

Adventure rating: Medium - High

Duration: 2-3 hrs or 3-4 hours Extended version

Location: Langdale (Central Lake District). View on a map.

Price: £49pp / Extended Ghyll £69pp

Great combined with:

Rock Climbing, Langdale


Church Beck

Fun in natures playground.

This aquatic ghyll scramble is a hidden jewel situated walking distance from Coniston. Inside these gentle canyon walls you will find a natural playground in amongst the crystal clear waters.


This ghyll has many sections which include rock scrambling up, canyoning down, waterfalls, plunge pools to swim in, a slide and various sized jumps both big and small. Everything is avoidable so you can choose your level of adventure. 

There's something in here from the very smallest to the most adventurous.

Your instructor will guide you through the best sections for your group. Please book the session appropriate to the ages in your party.

5yrs+ - This is a fun session in the lower section of the Ghyll; nicely paced for small children from 5 years old.

8yrs+ - This takes place in the bottom section of the Ghyll and a portion of the top canyon section if it is appropriate to the group and water conditions.

14yrs+ - This session is more committing and enters the bottom section of the Ghyll and also the top canyon section if it is appropriate to the group and conditions.


Suitable for: All ages and abilities 

Fitness Level: Moderate 

Adventure rating: Medium - High

Duration: 2 - 3 hrs

Location: Coniston. View on a map.

Price: £49pp plus Landowners fee of £6pp

Great combined with:

Canoeing on Coniston, Rock Climbing in Langdale/Coniston or Abseiling in Coniston


Esk Gorge


The Ultimate Adventure!

The Esk Gorge is extreme Ghyll Scrambling in one of the most beautiful locations in the Lake District. Well known for its emerald green waters, plunge pools, waterfalls and big jumps - up to 8 metres - this is a day out you'll remember for ever. All challenges and obstacles are easily avoided if you so choose in this Ghyll.


A very physical day that involves a 45 minute walk into the mountains. You'll carry your wetsuit, lunch, spare clothes and change once you arrive at the Ghyll.

Suitable for: Minimum age 14.

Fitness Level: Good

Adventure rating: Extreme

Duration: 5 hrs

Price: £79pp

Location: Eskdale (Western Lake District). View on a map.



Fantastic Ghyll Scrambling for families

Situated a short drive from Coniston, this is fantastic Ghyll Scrambling for families with small children. The car park is situated directly at the start of the scramble so its not far for little legs! There's loads here to delight the young explorer. A tunnel to crawl through, trees and boulders to scramble around and waterfalls to sit under and scramble up. Has accessible footpath along the side for a lot of the way.

Suitable for: Families with young children

Fitness Level: Moderate 

Adventure rating: High for a little person!

Duration: 2 - 3 hrs

Location: Nr Coniston. View on a map.

Price: £49pp

Great combined with:

Canoeing on Coniston or Rock Climbing in Coniston


Nether Beck Wasdale

The hidden gem of the Western Lakes

Tucked away deep in Wasdale - a great location if you are staying in the West Lakes, Wasdale, Eskdale or Boot. This is a great all round Ghyll Scramble. Steep Canyon sides add a magical atmosphere to this Ghyll. Its got plunge pools, jumps, a cave, waterfalls to scramble up and a roped climb by the side of a waterfall to ascend out of the Ghyll. There is an optional big jump at the end.


Take in the magnificent backdrop on your walk back down. You'll have elevated views over Wastwater and the Western Lakes including Scafell Pike and Great Gable.

Suitable for: 8 yrs upwards

Fitness Level: Moderate 

Duration: 3 hrs

Location: Wasdale. View on a map.

Price: £49pp (Minimum 4 people or book 2 activities as below for 2 people)

Great combined with:

Canoeing on Wastwater or Rock Climbing in Eskdale


What we provide:

We provide all specialist safety equipment, insurance and instruction from qualified, friendly guides who are local to the area. 


Quality Wetsuits

Our full-length winter thickness wetsuits are in top condition, always dry, warm and well fitted. We wash and dry each suit after use in a special wetsuit disinfectant to ensure it is hygienic and clean. We also provide cosy neoprene socks for inside your trainers plus gloves in the colder months.

We can take pictures and send them out to you with a link so you can download them in full HD.

What to bring with you:

  • A pair of sturdy trainers or walking boots to go into the ghyll with. These need to be able to lace up tight so that they stay on in the moving water. Please note: crocs, lightweight water shoes or sandals are not appropriate as they will come off in the moving water and do not provide adequate protection from the rocks.

  • Arrive in a Swimming costume or pair of shorts to go under the wetsuit. 

  • ESSENTIAL -  Lightweight Jogging bottoms or leggings to go over the wetsuit (to protect the legs of the suit)

  • Snacks and drink for afterwards if you wish

  • Towel. 

  • Parking Money

  • Medication

What we offer:

Expect to meet like-minded people on your activity. We keep our ratios of instructor to client low so you can have a fabulous and safe experience. If you would prefer a private session just let us know and we will accommodate you if we possibly can - please enquire for a price.

All bookings will be run in line with current government Covid rules.

What to expect

We will meet you at the venue and walk to the Ghyll from there. You'll change into your wetsuits in the car park or in your vehicle. Our scrambles are a short walk from the car park with the exception of the Esk Gorge in which is a 45-minute walk into a remote location. You will carry your wetsuit and your kit for the day to this venue. Most of the venues are a car park where there are no changing facilities so please bring along a towel for modesty.

For half-day Ghyll scrambles your instructor will carry a safety bag and any medication you need in a waterproof bag. All other items will be left in your vehicle. We have a good waterproof camera which we can take photos on if you would like so you can be hands-free and not damage your own phone. These photos will be available to you free of charge after the session. If the scramble is a longer one where you'll require provisions we will provide an extra bag for items.

You can view all meeting locations on our 'kit list and directions' page.

Not sure which Ghyll Scrambling venue is best for you?

We can recommend the best venue to suit your location and group just contact us for info.  Below are a few videos so you can get an idea of what we can offer.

Church Beck Coniston - Video


Esk Gorge, Eskdale - Video